The 2018 STEM CNC Guitar Summer Institute is funded through a National Science Foundation NSF project (NSF ATE #1700531 The STEM Guitar Project); and previous projects, LEAD with GUITARS in STEM (NSF ATE #1304405, & #0903336). This project is designed to help faculty increase their students' interest and engagement in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles, practices, and careers through guitar design (CAD) and manufacturing (CNC). The focus of the STEM CNC Institute is not on the building of a guitar, but rather the automated manufacturing of guitar components such as bodies and necks. Ideally, a participant in this institute has already attended a STEM Guitar Building Institute and/or has experience building solid body electric guitars with their students using a kit. You will leave this institute with a guitar body that you design using CAD (Autodesk Fusion 360) and cut on a CNC plus receive all the remaining components necessary to assemble a finished electric guitar. Other CNC-made parts and processes will be included as time permits.

The 2018 CNC Summer Institute is open to all STEM subject area educators, primarily focused in the 9-12 High school grade level, community college levels and freshman/sophomore university instruction. Priority will be given to those applicants who have completed a STEM Guitar Building Institute and have the capacity to implement CNC Guitar curriculum at their school.
The Institute Fellows are made up of educators from around the country who are teaching their STEM / CNC content using the guitar as a focus. The Fellows contribute to the project’s curriculum and assessment and help each other with project implementation through our learning community.

If you are interested in participating in one of this summer’s institutes and becoming a CNC STEM Guitar Institute Fellow. There are several steps to make a successful application:

1. Fill out the personal application. This application can be saved and returned to complete using the same device. Please bookmark the page to insure you can return to finish the application and upload the participation agreement. Only one participant application can be submitted per computer / device, this allows you to return to the application to finish. 

2. Download and complete the  2018 CNC STEM Guitar Participation Agreement ( The agreement does require an administrators signature to be complete.

3. Upload the the CNC STEM Guitar participation agreement as part of your application. Return to the survey using the same device (using your bookmarked location) and upload the agreement (any image file or scan that clearly shows the document is acceptable).

Priority selection for all 2018 Summer Institutes (those that will be held in June to August 2018) will  be on March 1, 2018. Award letters for ALL SUMMER Institute Fellows will be sent starting March 21, 2018 or until the institute fellowship slots are filled. All Institute Fellows will receive resource materials and financial incentives. Fellows will have access to the project’s STEM CNC curriculum, which are aligned to the Common Core and Next Gen Science Standards using guitar manufacturing concepts.

The curriculum materials are self-contained including instructor resources, training videos, quizzes/assessments and other valuable references. Also, each Fellow will receive lunch (or an allowance will be included in the stipend) every day, a stipend of $250 to help cover out of pocket expenses for the Institute, as well as the custom guitar body and parts built during the five-day institute. The Institute fellows will be asked to develop a Modular Learning Activity (MLA), and complete other post-Institute follow-up activities. A kickoff webinar