Contact information

* 1. Contact name (must be a CKI member)

* 2. Member ID# (unsure of your member ID? Contact Member Services at 1-800-549-2647 ext. 411 or via email at )

* 3. Club/District applying for grant (please spell out your college/university or district name- no abbreviations please) 

* 4. Club key number (if your district is applying for the grant, please leave this question blank.)

* 6. Contact's telephone number (including area or country code)

* 7. Email address

* 8. How did you find out about the Tomorrow Fund Grant? If someone specific encouraged you to apply, please list their name, position, and email.

Kiwanis/Faculty Advisor or District Administrator Information

* 9. Name of Kiwanis/Faculty Advisor or District Administrator who is directly involved in this project

* 10. Telephone number (including area or country code)

* 11. Email address

Project Information 

* 12. Is this a new or existing project?

* 13. Project name

* 14. When will this project take place?

* 15. Where will this project take place?

Problem & Solution

* 16. Please describe your project and the issue that your project addresses

* 17. How will your project measurably improve the community and continue its impact in the long run?

* 18. Please provide a detailed timeline of your project

* 19. What have you done so far to get your project started?


* 20. Briefly explain the parts of your project which require funding. 

* 21. Please provide the total amount of funding being requested in US Dollars. Remember the amount can be no less than US$200 and no more than US$2,000. 

* 22. Please explain how you intend to expand this project with additional funds.

* 23. Provide a list of community partners and other organizations that might contribute to the success of your project. Include donated items, volunteers, marketing, etc.

Additional Information

* 24. What is something you would like to share with us that has not been asked?


* 25. By submitting this grant proposal, you agree to: 1. Submit a final written report within two weeks of the completion of your project. 2. Use all grant money for the purposes detailed in your application. 3. Keep accurate financial records and include the records in the final report. 4. Allow your project to be used in any media or future Tomorrow Fund Grant promotional campaigns. To utilize your funds, you must either submit bills or proof of expenses up to the amount of the grant within one year from the date of your notification letter. Please remember the Tomorrow Fund is a form of REIMBURSEMENT for a service project, and you must complete the project before you receive your funding.

* 26. Contact name and email address

* 27. Club officer's name (if not the contact person)

* 28. Please submit a PDF version of a spreadsheet containing a detailed budget for your proposal. Your application is not complete unless a budget is submitted.

PDF, DOCX, PNG, DOC file types only.
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* 29. You may submit any additional documentation you feel would better explain your grant proposal. These supplementary documents could include a newspaper article of the past event (if the event is recurring), a brochure or pamphlet for the upcoming event, a website or video link that provides more information on the project.  Please submit the supplemental documents as one file. Acceptable file types include: PDF, DOC, PNG, JPG, and JPEG files.
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DOCX, DOC, JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG file types only.
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Remember, the deadline to submit your Tomorrow Fund Grant Application and detailed budget is December 1. Only applications submitted online will be accepted. No email or paper applications will be accepted.