Houston County Title I  Parent Satisfaction Survey 2018

Dear Houston County Families:

Your opinion is important to us. Please complete this short survey about your child's school. It will only take a few minutes to provide input. All responses are anonymous. 
Complete a survey for each child, even if you have students at different schools or more than one child at a school.
Please return the completed survey to your child's teacher or school office by __________________________________.
Once surveys are returned we will provide you with a summary of those results.
We appreciate your help and input.
Thank you!

* 3. My child has been enrolled at this school since

* 4. Please read each statement below, and indicate how much you agree or disagree.

  All the time Most of the time Some of the time None of the time
My school has high expectations for student achievement.
I receive information about grade-level standards and the academic requirements for my child's grade level.
I am informed on a regular basis about my child's academic progress.
I am comfortable communicating with administrators at my child's school.
I am comfortable communicating with my child's teacher(s).
I am comfortable communicating with front office staff members at my child's school.
Administrators, teachers, and staff members openly communicate with parents.
My child's school encourages parental engagement and volunteerism.
School staff members are friendly, and I generally feel welcome at the school.
The school is safe and clean.
My child's school offers workshops or activities that educate/inform parents about the curriculum and how to help improve students' success in school.
I am informed in a timely manner about parent activities and events.
Parent activities and workshops are offered at various times.
Parent activities and opportunities are useful and beneficial.

* 5. Please read the following statements and respond to each.

  Yes No Not Sure
I am informed about the Title I program at my child's school and received the Title I Handbook containing the Parent Engagement Plan and School-Parent Compact.
The information provided in the Title I Parent Engagement Plan and Compact is detailed and easy to understand.
I have been given opportunities to provide input in the decision making process regarding the Parent Engagement Plan, Compact, School Improvement Plan, budget and 1% set-aside for parent engagement at my child's school and district.
I am aware that I can participate in shared decision making opportunities through Parent Input Meetings, the Parent Action Team, Parent-Teacher Conferences, school/district surveys and through website link.
The school's Family Engagement Coordinator assists families, supports parent activities, and is available for questions or concerns from parents.
I am aware of the Parent Resource/Information Center in my child's school.

* 6. How would you like to see parent engagement funds used? (check all that apply)

* 7. What is the ONE way you prefer to receive information about school events?

* 8. If you have been unable to attend events at your child's school, what limits your participation? (check all that apply)

* 9. Choose the subject area that you feel your student has the most difficulty mastering content.

* 10. I would benefit from workshops in: (check all that apply).

* 11. What topics do you think teachers and administrators need to discuss or learn more about to better support your family and help your student be successful in school?