2018 SYN Awards Nominations

The annual SYN Awards Night celebrates excellence in broadcasting, programming and behind the scenes work from SYN volunteers.

You can nominate yourself for an award (we encourage it!) and you can also nominate others who you think have done an outstanding job.

You may nominate any work produced between January 1 - December 31, 2017.

Most nominations require video or audio, and unless you provide supporting material and answer all relevant questions, the entry can't be considered for judging.

You may only link to supporting material online. Links to Omny, Soundcoud, YouTube, the SYN website or wherever else you host your work will be accepted. No email submissions will be accepted

Supporting media should be NO LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES as judges will only be required to listen for this long. 

Awards nominations are open all year! If you have any questions, contact memberhsip@syn.org.au.

Nominations close midnight, December 31st, 2017.


- Answer all the questions. Very simple but you would be surprised how many people fail to do this. Nominations that fail to answer all the questions will be ineligible. 
- Give a lot of information. Don't write "The Sandwich Show was really good and we worked really hard." Say why it's really good. Describe how you worked hard.

- Don't assume the person judging your nomination knows who you are. The nominations are judged by all staff and the person reading it may have no idea who you are or what you do. Write your nomination as if you're explaining what you do to someone who's never heard of it before.

- Be aware that judges only have to listen to five minutes of your entry. If you submit an hour long interview and the best bit is 37 minutes in, this likely won't be heard. 

- Supporting material is required for all entries except Schools On Air, Radio Producer of the Year, TV Producer of the Year & TV Tech Member of the Year. You can submit supporting material for these nominations, but it's not compulsory.

- Material must be UNEDITED and submitted as it was broadcast. This means no ‘best of’ clips, show reels or enhanced audio.

* 1. What is your full name?

* 2. What is your email address?

* 3. What is your phone number?