To begin or continue completing your SAFECOM Nationwide Survey, select the level of government your organization represents: (Select one response)
  • Local (e.g., municipality, city, town, village, county, parish, city-county, district, multi-county [ex. Regional Council of Governments (COG)], intra-state regions)
  • State or Territory (Departments, agencies and entities of any of the 56 States and Territories)
  • Federal (US Government Departments and Agencies)
  • Tribal (State and Federally recognized Native American Tribal Nations)
  • Non-Governmental (e.g., American Red Cross, Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD), Faith Based or non-commercial organizations that possess a role in the provision of public safety communications)
  • Private Sector (e.g., Commercial entities providing contracted public safety services or support, commercial communications/information systems providers, utilities, etc.)
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