Hall Of Fame

Choose from the list below who you would like to be inducted into the Raven's Eden Hall of fame.  To be nominated a performer or director  most have had their first movie/Scene released in 1998 or earlier and appeared in or directed at least 10 movies.   The top 3 with the most votes in each category will be part of the 2018 Class of inductees.  Starting Dec 1,2017 the nominee with the fewest votes will be eliminated until only 10 nominees per category remain.    2018 Inductees will be announced on Jan 1,2018  

* 1. Hall Of Fame Gay/All Male    (Male performer that had a majority of their scenes in gay/all male movies)

* 2. Hall Of Fame Female Performer

* 3. Hall Of Fame Male Performer (Male Performer that had a majority of his scenes in Male/Female movies)

* 4. Hall Of Fame Director