Scholarship Application Instructions

This year the PHCC Educational Foundation will award 43 scholarships worth up to $102,500.

Please read the complete requirements before completing the rest of this application.

TIP: Prepare your answers to the background and experience questions and gather the materials you are required to upload in advance, THEN complete this online application. You can view a PDF file with all of the questions at

TIP: This form is designed to collect all your application data at once - there is no option to save and come back later to complete it. Because of this, once you start, please do not navigate away from these pages until you complete your submission. Do not hit the "Back" or "Refresh" buttons on your browser - doing so may cause you will lose your entries. You can move back & forth between pages of this application by using the "Prev" and "Next" buttons at the bottom of each screen.

All submission materials must be typed; no handwritten materials will be accepted. This application must be completed by the applicant (not by an office staff person or parent on their behalf).

Our 2018 scholarships will be awarded for only for classes beginning on or after August 1, 2018. Scholarship applicants, friends or relatives may not contact members of the Scholarship Committee. Address all communications to PHCC Educational Foundation staff.

For assistance, please consult the website or call the Foundation staff at (800) 533-7694.

Scholarship payments are made directly to schools for qualified expenses. Applicants are responsible for avoiding conflicts with other grants and scholarships.

Your complete application & all supporting materials must be received by May 1, 2018.

Please note that the following 2 or 4-year majors are NOT approved for Foundation awards: accounting, architecture, computer engineering, construction-related engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and environmental engineering.  If your school offers a major/course of study substantially similar to one in the approved list under a different name, please attach an explanation to your application submission. 

The PHCC of Massachusetts & PHCC of Texas Auxiliary scholarships have no restrictions on course of study.

Thank you!

Submission materials for these scholarship awards (some items are optional, depending on your situation):
- This application completed online.
- Detailed answers to all essay questions.
- Complete copy of your high school transcript or apprentice program/college transcript, including your cumulative GPA.
- Letter of recommendation from your high school principal or counselor, or college dean, academic adviser, teacher or apprentice program instructor on school letterhead.
- Signed letter of recommendation from a PHCC–National Association Member or AEC member on their company letterhead.
- If applying for the Gerry Kennedy Scholarship Award, a copy of your Boy Scout rank certificate or other rank evidence.
- If applying for the Mass. Auxiliary Scholarship, a letter of recommendation from a PHCC of Mass. Auxiliary Member.

Incomplete submissions are subject to immediate disqualification.