Thanks for your interest in presenting at the 2018 Powersports DEALER Seminars presented by Powersports Business @ AIMExpo in Las Vegas. The classroom seminars are selected, managed and administered by Powersports Business, the premier industry B2B media brand in the motorcycle, ATV, UTV, PWC and snowmobile business.

The seminars will be held Thursday, Oct. 11 and Friday, Oct. 12 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Application deadline is Thursday, March 1. To view the 2017 seminar schedule, click here.

The three-person editorial staff Powersports Business organizes the seminars during AIMExpo, the premier powersports industry trade show in North America. We look forward to receiving your presentation.

Tracks this year are as follows:

Leadership Plus
Powering Profits
Sales & Marketing

Submissions will be reviewed by the editorial staff at Powersports Business, with selected presenters being contacted by the Powersports Business staff. Preliminary presentations will be due Friday, July 6, with the final presentation due on Friday, August 31, 2018. All presentations must be free of sales/company/corporate marketing. All selected presenters will be provided one complimentary AIMExpo registration.


Dave McMahon
Editor in Chief
Powersports Business
763-383-4411 office

* 1. Presenter Information

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* 6. In order to deliver the highest quality presentation, how much time would you consider ideal?

* 7. Please describe the level of content for your first proposed presentation:

* 8. Working title of second proposed presentation (if applicable)

* 9. Description of second proposed presentation (if applicable)

* 10. In order to deliver the highest quality presentation, how much time would you consider ideal?

* 11. Please describe the level of content for your second proposed session:

* 12. How many times have you presented to groups of 50 or more during the past year, and at which events?

* 13. If you have not presented at AIMExpo previously, please list three references to whom you've presented, including contact name, email and phone.

* 14. What speaker (daily) rate would you charge if you are selected?

* 15. Not including your speaker fee above, list any reimbursements required for your speaking engagement (airfare, hotel, meals, etc.).

* 16. We are aiming for speaker ratings of at least 4.75/5.0. What is your strategy for hitting this goal?

* 17. What type of attendee premium could you offer (e.g. templates, process maps, etc.)?

* 18. Speakers will be required to submit their final Powerpoint presentation by Friday, August 31, 2018, or risk being removed from the schedule. Do you foresee any instances in which this date would not be possible for you to adhere to?

* 19. Speakers will be required to film promotional video clips prior to the event in order to generate interest in your session. PSB and AIMExpo will use the videos on their websites, social media, etc. If chosen, do you agree to do so?

* 20. Please submit links to video/info that will give us insight into your presentations themselves (send additional materials to