Hotel Accommodations

The Working with the Experts Leaders event will be held March 1-2 in Orlando, FL at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center.   WWE is providing to coordinators one night of hotel on Thursday, March 1.  We have one room for the SLP coordinator and one room for the OT/PT coordinator for each district. Only one room is provided when these roles are combined. If the person in the designated position is unable to attend a designee may be sent.  Individuals must reside 50+ miles from the venue.  Onsite sign in for the event will beginning at 1:00 PM on the March 1 to allow travel time on the morning of the 1st.
Please try to be as certain as possible about accommodations before completing this survey.  You should be able to make changes to this survey through January 26.  If you need to make changes after that, please contact Alice Kaye Emery at as soon as you know of them.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE HOTEL TO MAKE RESERVATION CHANGES OR TO CANCEL RESERVATIONS.

* 1. Enter name as you would like it on the hotel reservation.

* 3. What is your position?

* 4. Will you be sharing a room with other district personnel?

* 5. Please list any additional special needs or considerations.

* 6. Are you a WWE OT/PT or SLP advisory committee member?