Nomination Form -- Submission deadline Feb 19, 2018

The Larry Kallemeyn Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated in the Rainy-Lake of the Woods watershed:
  • outstanding professional achievement in scientific research or resource management
  • significant contributions to collaborative and cooperative approaches to research or resource management

The Award was named after its first recipient, Larry Kallemeyn, USGS (retired). Throughout his career, Larry was a consummate professional and probably the nicest guy to work with that most of us will ever encounter. His collaborative and cooperative approach to his work led to the cross-border collaborative efforts that the watershed benefits from today. In short, Larry's name on this award epitomizes a professional who practices good science or management that benefits the Rainy-Lake of the Woods watershed.

The Award is presented by the Foundation at the International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Forum (March 8-9, 2017) when there’s a deserving recipient as determined by the selection committee. The selection committee consists of researchers and resource managers from both Canada and the United States and a representative of the Foundation's board.

Previous Kallemeyn Award recipients:

  • 2017 - Mark Edlund, St. Croix Watershed Research Station, Science Museum of Minnesota
  • 2016 - Ryan Maki, Voyageurs National Park, National Parks Service
  • 2015 - Ken Beaty, Experimental Lakes Area - Fisheries & Oceans Canada (retired)
  • 2014 - Darryl McLeod, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
  • 2013 - Andrew Paterson, Ontario Ministry of Environment
  • 2012 - Leland Grim, Voyageurs National Park
  • 2011 - Tom Mosindy, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
  • 2010 - Nolan Baratono, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • 2009 - Bev Clark, Hutchinson Environmental Services, Ontario Ministry of Environment (retired)
  • 2008 - Larry Kallemeyn, USGS Voyageurs National Park (retired)

Please remember that members of the Selection Committee may not know your nominee - so please provide a sufficiently detailed submission so that they can be judged fairly.

Questions? Contact Todd Sellers, LOWWSF, 866-370-8891

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* 7. 4. Describe how the nominee has contributed to collaboration or cooperative approaches in the Rainy-Lake of the Woods watershed".

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