Host Site: 2018 PA One Book Registration

* 1. Would you like to have a guest come to read this years PA One Book to your children? If so, please complete the registration information below for your program. If more than one location, please complete a separate registration for each location.

* 2. Early learning program or Host Site's name and physical address. Please specify the location if you have more than one. (For example: OCDEL-Harrisburg location)

* 3. Is your early learning program or Host Site's mailing address the same as the physical address? If no, please list the mailing address below.  

* 4. Early learning program or Host Site's physical mailing address. All information will be mailed to this address.

* 6. What is your programs level in Keystone STARS?

* 7. Please provide available dates and times this program can host a 2018 PA One Book Guest Reader.

  Morning (9-10 AM) Morning (10-11 AM)
Monday, April 2nd
Tuesday, April 3rd
Wednesday, April 4th
Thursday, April 5th
Friday, April 6th
Monday, April 9th
Tuesday, April 10th
Wednesday, April 11th
Thursday, April 12th
Friday, April 13th
Monday, April 16th
Tuesday, April 17th
Wednesday, April 18th
Thursday, April 19th
Friday, April 20st
Monday, April 23rd
Tuesday, April 24th
Wednesday, April 25th
Thursday, April 26th
Friday, April 27th

* 8. In how many classrooms or groups will the guest be reading? (Maximum of 3)

* 9. What ages will the guest be reading to? (Example: 2 to 5 year olds, Kindergartners, 1 to 3 year olds)

* 10. Would you like to request a specific guest reader?  If so, please list their first and last name and we will do our best to pair them with your program.

* 11. Is there any additional information which you feel is important to know when registering to be a 2018 PA One Book Host Program? If so, please provide it here.