We encourage trans and queer people from Belgium to get involved in the 7th European Transgender Council through this volunteer form. Please note we do not provide accommodation or cover the costs of transportation for volunteers and will forward this information to local organisers (Cavaria, Genres Pluriels and TransInfoPunt)

* 1. Name

* 2. Pronouns

* 3. Country of residence

* 4. Contact information

* 5. Do you have preferences on volunteer positions ?

* 6. We will dedicate the last day to wellbeing and self-care. Please specify if there is an activity/space you would like to contribute in

* 7. Can you cover your accommodation and transportation costs during and to the council ?

Please fill in additional information in case we receive too many requests. We will give priority to trans and queer people from under-represented groups.

* 8. What is your background ? (Racial, ethnic, class, gender, disabilities, other)

* 9. Do you identify as queer and/or trans ?