The California Resource Recovery Association is proud to announce the Call for Nominations for its Annual Awards Program.  Awards will be presented at CRRA’s Annual Conference held in Oakland, CA, this July 26-29, 2018.  Deadline for Submissions is April 30, 2018.

To see a list of the CRRA Awards and Past Recipients, click here.

You are invited to share the programs and successes achieved by you and your colleagues who are “going above and beyond” in efforts to prevent waste, reuse materials, recycle, compost, buy recycled and build “green.”  It is CRRA’s intent to praise outstanding achievers in California, publicize their successes and share successful efforts throughout the state.

Please be prepared to write an abstract of no more than 250 words about your nominee.  Supporting documents may be included in your nomination.  Guidelines are as follows:

1. You may provide up to two letters of support from local recycling organizations, government officials, businesses, or community leaders. Youth program letters can be from a school teacher/principal.  Please email these letters to Lauren Meyer ( with AWARDS and your nominee's name in the subject line.

2. You may provide a URL to a news report or press release regarding this project.

3. As you prepare to write your nomination, consider the following questions about your nominee:

 ·         What was the program’s longevity and number/types of individuals and area/region covered?

·         How did the program meet a need? Was it innovative or original in its effectiveness in improving existing methods of meeting the need? What risks were overcome?

·          Was a cultural or economic diversity challenge presented and overcome?

·         What materials were recycled/accepted during the past year?

·         What waste was prevented or reduced, materials reused, or toxics reduced?

·         What measures were used to monitor success in waste prevention and/or recycling and why? 

·         Has the program increased public awareness and participation? Is there now outreach or education underway?

·          Was there a  measurable impact on the development of markets for reclaimed materials?

·         Has the program/individual shown leadership and taken steps beyond traditional recycling or diversion program designs?

*Note: the submission form on the following page does not allow for saving the form and returning to it for edits.  Please be prepared to complete and submit your form when proceeding to the next page.