Welcome to the Second Annual Best of SW Lake Awards.

The readers of SW Lake Lifestyle may use this website to nominate local businesses for the 2018 Best of SW Lake Awards. The team at SW Lake Lifestyle wants readers to know that nominating is easy - just tell us your favorite businesses in the area across 25 categories. Share with us your favorite salon, luxury car dealer, Realtor, brewery or any business in each category.

We'll collect NOMINATIONS up until October 25, 2017. Then, you need to come back to this site to VOTE for your very favorite local business in each category. VOTING begins November 1, 2017.

At the end of the survey is information about a random drawing for prizes, including a $100 gift card. It's our way of saying thanks for helping make the Best of SW Lake Awards an annual tradition. 

* 1. Nominate the Best Local Cosmetic Surgeon. (Use the space below each question to type in your answers, please.)

* 2. Nominate Your Favorite Dentist.

* 3. Nominate the Best Dermatologist in the area.

* 4. Nominate the Best Shop for Women's Fashion and Apparel.

* 5. Nominate Who You Consider to Be the Best Orthodontist.

* 6. Tell us Who's the Best Chiropractor.

* 7. Please Nominate the Best Local Home Builder/Remodeler.

* 8. Nominate the Best Veterinarian Practice.

* 9. Nominate the Best Place for Home Decor and Furnishings.

* 10. Please Nominate Your Favorite Landscaping and/or Lawn Care Service.

* 11. Who is the Best Local Residential Realtor?

* 12. Please Nominate the Best Local Heating/Air Conditioning or Plumbing Contractor.

* 13. Please Nominate the Best Local Luxury Car Dealer.

* 14. Tell us Who you Think is the Best Local Jeweler.

* 15. Nominate the Best Place for a Guy to Get a Haircut.

* 16. Please Nominate the Best Local Day Spa/MedSpa.

* 17. Please Nominate Your Favorite Gym/Exercise/Fitness Center (the best place for a workout).

* 18. Who is Your Favorite Local Financial/Wealth Management Advisor?

* 19. Nominate the Best Local Hair Salon for Women.

* 20. Nominate the Best Local Travel Agency.

* 21. Tell Us Your Favorite Local Insurance Agent.

* 22. Share with us the Best Retirement Community in the Area.

* 23. Nominate Your Favorite Local Brew Pub (where they make & serve their own beer).

* 24. Tell Us Who You Consider to be the Best Fine Dining Establishment locally.

* 25. What's the Best Casual Dining/Sports Bar?