We are excited to share your active transportation work!

The 2018 Indiana Bike and Walk Summit will take place August 29 - 30, at the Omni Severin Hotel in downtown Indianapolis.

Workshops are intensive sessions that typically last about three hours. They may involve a site visit, a walking or biking tour, or a hands-on learning experience. Workshops are expected to take place the afternoon of Thursday, August 30.

* 1. Workshop title

* 2. Workshop type

* 3. Workshop description (300 words or less)

* 4. The theme for this year's summit is "Leading Locally for Active Transportation;" in two-three sentences, please describe how your workshop fits this theme.

* 5. Learning objectives (up to three)

* 6. Will participants need transportation to the workshop location?

* 7. Please select the key topic area(s) your workshop addresses (select all that apply).

* 8. Is the workshop accessible for people with disabilities?

* 9. Please provide a brief explanation for your answer to #7.

* 10. Where will the workshop take place?

* 11. What supplies or equipment will you need?

* 12. Is there a cost associated with the workshop? If yes, please provide a cost estimate with explanations.

* 13. Workshops will be scheduled for three-hour time blocks. If you think you will need more or less time than this, please indicate how much time your workshop will take.

* 14. Contact information for proposal submitter

* 15. Will you (proposal submitter) be speaking?

* 16. Additional speaker(s) information

* 17. Please list any additional questions or information you have here.

Thank you for submitting your proposal. While we cannot guarantee that it will be selected for presentation at the Summit, the steering committee will make every effort to include it where appropriate. You will hear from us in the upcoming weeks. Presenters are required to register and pay for the Summit. Scholarships are available. No speaker honorarium or fees will be paid to any breakout session speaker for this Summit. We do not cover meals outside of those provided at the Summit, nor provide a per diem.