The Flinders Ranges Council has commenced a new Strategic Management Plan 2019-2027.
The current ten year plan (2012-2022), which was developed by Council in 2012 and reviewed periodically since then, represents the Council’s vision for The Flinders Ranges Council community and identifies objectives, goals and strategies to achieve this long term vision.

As a member of The Flinders Ranges Council community you are invited to share what is important to you about the aspirations, issues and priorities for our community via this survey.
The survey will be available between 6 December 2018 to until 4 January 2019.

It should take around 10 minutes to complete.
This survey is confidential and you are not required to provide any personal details, however we are seeking some general information about you such as the township or area where you live to help us better understand the needs of the diverse groups we have within our community.

A report will be prepared outlining the survey results which will be made available online in early February 2019 along with a draft for public consultation of the Strategic Management Plan 2019-2027.
Colin Davies
The Flinders Ranges Council