You are invited to come along with me on one of my “virtual shopping” trips.  We will be visiting up to a dozen websites searching for your ideal mattress using the information you provide about yourself in this confidential survey.  Although there can never be a guarantee of success, combining my more than half a century of experiential learning every aspect of mattress designing, making, and selling, and servicing, combined with the ease and accuracy of an intelligent web search, finding a suitable mattress “my way” is about as sensible way as you are going to find.
Your price of admission is only the time you spend filling out the questionnaire and some above-average valuable minutes reading “Mattress 103” where you will get filled with mattress knowledge and find the entrance key for the survey. It will be easier for you to understand why I recommend a particular mattress or mattresses for you when you read the mattress facts in Mattress 103.

When I start searching for your “Goldilocks” mattress, I limit it to the best hybrid/innerspring mattresses upholstered with naturally cool latex. Also mattresses that Consumer Reports and I agree deserve top ratings.   Because excellent latex hybrid innerspring mattresses are available from factory-direct sources at very competitive prices, I can almost always find one that meets your budget as well as your physical needs.  If your needs are so unusual that I am unable to find what you need available at factory-direct prices, I do not give up. I check national department stores, Macy’s and Bloomingdales.

If you tell me that you do not intend to buy on the Internet and do not live in the Greater New York shopping area, I then also search regularly priced mattresses available at Macy’s and Bloomingdales for you. These are the only national stores that display mattresses in New York City. Except for SF and Toronto, I have almost completely stopped traveling out of town, and will never recommend anything that I have not actually tried out myself. I do not make guesses at your expense.  Every nationally sold mattress can be tested right in my backyard with more than a hundred small and medium stores and these two department stores. Except for a few circumstances which I will list below I am able to help almost everyone who asks for my guidance.

The free entrance key is printed large and frequently in Mattress 103. I will not look at your survey unless you use the key. Please enter your preferred email to receive my recommendations/suggestions. If you wish to communicate with me, please do so only by email using the same email address only.

The main reason why my “virtual shopping” is so unique and of value is because I never compromise on comfort, quality, serviceability and value.
I only provide this service for mattresses designed for use on flat beds.  Please don’t ask me to recommend a mattress for an adjustable bed.

I only recommend Internet sites that also have a bricks and mortar storefront presence and a minimum of five years of experience.  This eliminates most of the “snake oil peddlers” that have recently sprung into existence to take advantage of the ignorant.

I cannot advise you one way or the other about any mattress not in NYC, San Francisco, or Toronto.

I know of no Queen size mattresses priced below $1,000 or King size mattresses under $1,400 that meet my standards for quality, durability, comfort, and all around value.  I almost always can find you a good hybrid/innerspring/latex mattress for your needs, but if a mattress I recommend has any synthetic foam, that foam will be CertiPUR approved.

* 1. Your identity: First or nickname OK

* 2. Preferred Email Address:

Please use your identical email address on any future communications. This is the only way I can tie your survey to a letter.

* 3. Age(s) Answers needed for both sleepers if applicable.

* 4. Height(s) in inches.

* 5. Weight(s) in pounds.

* 6. Enter body mass index (BMI) (please enter number and decimal point symbol only):

TO CALCULATE BODY MASS INDEXES FOR EACH SLEEPER- GO to government site linked below and do the calculation.

- Click link below. This will open in a new window so you won't lose your survey -

When choosing mattresses, weight is very important, but your body density can be even more important. When I take it upon myself to find you a mattress that is 10 tenths perfect without unnecessary compromises, more information equals greater accuracy. 

* 7. Any allergies to dust mites, chemicals, others odors or other allergy triggers? Please list individually or enter none.

* 8. Any physical illnesses or discomfort that interferes with normal sleep such as Arthritis, Apnea, RLS, Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis, Stenosis, Leg Cramps, physical disc damage, Sciatica, or Noctinuria.

* 9. Does your sleeping partner wake you up when he or she moves during the night? Enter Yes or No.

* 10. Do you currently sleep on memory foam in topper, pillows or mattress? Please enter Yes or No and describe if yes.

* 11. If Yes, are you aware of any warmth or odors with memory foam mattresses, pillows or toppers? Please list or enter None.

* 12. Job title and/or description. I need to know how much stress you place on your spine during working and/or commuting hours. Please no short cuts.

* 13. Daily or weekly usual exercise regimen(s).

* 14. What position are you usually in when you awaken in the morning? This is a key to your preferred sleeping position. Please enter Stomach, Back or Side.

* 15. Have you been told that you snore? Please enter Yes or No.

* 16. Would you care for advice on how to stop your snoring painlessly usually in one night?

* 17. How many hours do you sleep per night on average? 

* 18. How many hours do you sit in front of a computer per day in total?

* 19. Describe the number and type (filling materials) of pillows used. Down or feathers, memory foam, latex foam, poly fibers, shredded foam, buckwheat, other organics or I don't know.

* 20. Do you have any children or pets over 25lbs. that sleep with you regularly. Please describe.

* 21. Who made your present mattress and how old is it? Please enter approximate age, brand and style of mattress currently in use. The white cloth "do not remove" tags on most mattresses contains this information.

* 22. What is currently used under your mattress? Box Spring/Foundation/Platform Bed with slats closer than 2.75"/ or Platform Bed with solid flat deck/ Floor/ or something else.

* 23. What is your main reason for buying a mattress at this time? Minimum 20 word answer. The more detail you share, the more likely your new mattress will be the wisest choice.

* 24. Mattress size desired?

* 25. Have you store-tested any mattresses that you like and can afford? Please tell me specific brand(s) and name(s) if possible so I can know what you like. Name of store and zip code if possible. Why you like it or them would be helpful. WE ARE LEAVING YOU ALL THE ROOM YOU NEED TO COMMENT INCLUDING COMMENTS FOR MATTRESSES THAT YOU LIKE BUT CAN NOT AFFORD. THE MORE YOU SHARE WITH ME, THE MORE VALUABLE HELP YOU CAN EXPECT.

* 26. Most, but not all, recommendations from me will be for mattresses from carefully vetted “Factory Direct” mattress makers near to my home, the greater New York/New Jersey/Ct. area. I am only comfortable recommending to a trusting stranger, and mattresses that I have touched and felt. This mission calls for me to know the quality, affordability, and potential comfort and durability of any mattress I endorse for you. You are counting on me and I want you to be completely happy that you sent in this survey.  Nevertheless, if you are uncomfortable ordering on the internet and say so here, I will attempt to find something at your nearest Macy's where you will have to pay full retail and accept any quality compromises. I cannot guarantee that I will find the kind of mattress you say you want but I will try.  Please do not expect quick answers  as this kind of virtual shopping is only possible when I am not under time pressure.

Will you order on the Internet?

* 27. Enter maximum budget in dollars. Please be honest with yourself, inflation is a fact of life. I try to take you literally, but when your BMI is too big and your budget is too small, there's very little I can do for you. Try to compromise elsewhere. Your mattress can last you fifteen or twenty years if it is the right one. You are already saving a ton when you take my advice. Please don’t over-restrict me.   I will always attempt to find the nearest  perfect  match if it is not too much more costly. I will spell out any quality shortcomings that may be  necessitated by an inadequate maximum budget.

Only these following budget ranges for the most you are willing to invest are acceptable:  $900-$1400, $1,500-$2,000, $2,200-$2,700, $2,800-$3,600, $3,700-$4,499. You must use a range, not just a single number.

Please do not use any words or instructions, only the numbers. Understand that you are not under any obligation. I am only using the numbers as a guide. I always aim for the lowest prices a suitable mattress should cost you and give choices where applicable .  You must fill in the budget if you want a reply. If you choose to not put in a dollar budget or forget to, my only recourse is to ignore the rest of the survey.


* 28. Please enter zip code, town, state for my records, By using your zip, town/state, country information I can sometimes find locally available mattresses that meet your needs. 

* 29. Do you have any other comments you think may be useful to help me pinpoint your perfect mattress? Maybe you do something unusual or interesting in bed that can affect my choice. Everything you say is private and I do not save these surveys after doing your research. The more that you share, the greater is the certainty of success. Your response must be at least 50 words. The more you choose to share with me, the more likely you will get a 100% perfect range of choices for you. Please writer as much as you can or want. No maximum limit, and the more you write, the better. Remember, I am not a mind reader and I am not grading your essay. I simply need to know as much as possible about you and how you sleep in order to work the best for you.

* 30. If you needed a new mattress yesterday it may already be too late. Because of the high volume of requests, and the fact that I am really just this one tired Old Bed Guy who is now being forced by arthritis to use dictation software that further slows me down.


Please re-enter your preferred email to receive my recommendations/suggestions. Questionnaires must be filled out entirely to get a response from the Old Bed Guy.

* 32. Please name other websites such as Consumer Reports that you may have found useful or interesting in your search for the right mattress. I am always trying to expand my information base.

* 33. Thank you. Now all we need to get started is your admission “Key” to verify that you have actually read the "MATTRESS 103” post. The entrance “KEY” is BOLDLY printed in many places on Mattress 103. When you type or copy and paste the “KEY” in the box your work is done and mine starts. If you did not read “Mattress 103” go back to the home page, study "Mattress 103" and find the “KEY”, because without it, the survey will be not be answered.

The Key is two words clearly displayed multiple times in the #103 essay. Please read it.

It would help you to read the essay before submitting your survey. You will benefit greatly from the basic learning, and will be able to understand any “mattress talk” in your reply a little bit better.

Admission Key: