Recruiting remains one of the core functions for HR professionals. A well-crafted job advertisement, combined with a strong campaign and branding, can set the stage to attract the best candidates. Some say there is no more important job for an organization than finding the right people.

Please tell us all about your recruitment campaign, and why you think it stood out. You could talk about one specific campaign, or your overall recruitment process in general

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* 1. Describe the end-to-end process used for recruiting and the level of involvement from HR:

* 2. What mediums are used for recruiting? How are they used? Include items such as internal referral programs, social media sourcing and applicant tracking systems:

* 3. Describe the screening process and what tools are used to assist, such as type of interview, assessment, simulations, presentations, reference checking, et cetera:

* 4. How is fit with organization culture assessed?

* 5. How are candidates informed of their success or lack thereof in the selection process?

* 6. How is the employer brand represented in the market?

* 7. How is the effectiveness of the recruiting campaign measured? Are any forms of statistical measurements used, such as sourcing effectiveness, length of time to hire from requisition approval to start date, new hire turnover, et cetera?

* 8. Describe how the final selection decision is made:

* 9. How are front-line/hiring managers supported by HR in the recruitment process?

* 10. How is the recruiting campaign linked to the organization's talent strategy through initiatives such as workforce planning, succession planning, HR forecasting models, et cetera?

* 11. How do you advertise openings? (List any promotional vehicles such as social media, advertising, other creative venues)

* 12. If you had a particularly successful recruitment campaign, please walk us through the details:

* 13. Please describe any other aspects of your program not covered in the questions above:


* 14. Organization profile: Please tell us briefly about your organization and the scope of its operations

* 15. How many employees do you have?

* 16. Please enter the name and contact information for the person submitting this information:

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