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AASHE is excited to release the 2017 Higher Education Sustainability Staffing Survey. Launched every two years, this survey is an important vehicle for increasing our understanding of the continuously growing career field of sustainability professional in higher education and other positions that support higher education sustainability.

To qualify for the survey, you must be in a PAID higher education sustainability position anywhere in the world. This includes typical ‘sustainability officer’ positions with varied responsibilities in sustainability, as well as those that focus on a particular area of sustainability (e.g. energy, recycling, curriculum, communications.) Faculty members, staff members or contractors with an ongoing administrative role in higher education sustainability at least part-time are encouraged to take this survey. Individuals spending less than 25 percent of their work dedicated to sustainability are welcome to complete the survey, but may be excluded from data in the follow-up report.

The survey will enable comparisons of such factors as salary, scope of work, engagement with other units, number of supervised staff, and reporting structure by variables such as position type, institutional characteristics, and region.

As in years past, AASHE will publish a follow-up report outlining survey results. The survey findings will be useful to:
  • Administrators interested in establishing new positions
  • Sustainability staff interested in comparing against peer averages
  • Media and researchers interested in analyzing industry data
  • Students, staff, faculty, and others interested in gaining knowledge about this career field

  1. The survey is for PAID positions at higher education institutions or college/university system offices worldwide.
  2. We recommend having the following information ready:
    • Your 2016 salary information, as presented on W2 or related tax documents, in U.S. dollars.
    • If you supervise paid staff, the full-time equivalency (FTE) of paid, NON-student and student staff that you supervise DIRECTLY.
    • If you control a budget, the size of your annual and discretionary budgets in the most recent year, in U.S. dollars.
    • Designation of a single, main point-person (one per institution). We will filter these responses to identify institution-level trends. If unsure whether you're the main point-person, check with others at your institution to decide who should be designated.
  • LENGTH: The survey has at most 45 questions (depending on how many are relevant to you) and should take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.
  • ANONYMITY: Results in the follow-up report will be reported only in aggregate and identifiable responses will not be shared beyond AASHE staff who are conducting survey data analysis. No public results will be identified with individuals or institutions.  
  • SAVE & RETURN: You may exit the survey at any time and return to complete it later. If you return to the survey on the same computer, your responses will be saved. Once you hit "done", you will no longer be able to edit responses. 
  • CHANGE ANSWERS: You may page back and forth as needed using the "Prev" and "Next" buttons. Avoid using the back & forward arrows in your browser.
As in years past, the follow-up report will be filtered by position type. As a result, we encourage broad participation so we can provide detailed findings on as many types of positions as possible. Please take this survey and forward it to your colleagues and staff to help ensure wide participation. Thank you!

Questions? Contact Monika Urbanski, AASHE Data & Content Manager (resources@aashe.org)

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