System transformation has begun. We hope with the NSM Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and Aboriginal Health Circle jointly hosting our Forums together this year, it provided an opportunity to come together for real change and to mirror the provincial direction of the inclusion of Indigenous health as a key driver in designing a system to meet our collective needs.

* 1. How did you participate at the Forum this year?

* 2. Did you attend as a member of the:

* 3. How would you rate the following on March 28th:

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
Client Video - Gertie Beaucage's Story (Video)
Key Note: Transforming Health - The Southcentral Foundations and the Nuka System of Care (Katherine Gottlieb)
Key Note: Understanding the Concept of the Patient's Medical Home and the Work of the Ontario College of Family Physicians (Jessica Hill, Dr. Jennifer Young)
Panel Discussion: How the Concepts of the Patient's Medical Home and the Success of the Nuka System Relate to Ontario and North Simcoe Muskoka as We Move to Sub-Region Transformation
Key Note: The Patients First Vision in Ontario (Bob Bell)
Facilitator (Peter MacLeod)

* 4. How would you rate the following on March 29th (if you attended):

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
Opening Remarks (Deborah Richardson, Deputy Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation)
Current Landscape for Health System Change through 'Patients First' re: Indigenous/Métis Communities (Sharon Lee Smith, ADM Policy and Transformation, MoHLTC)
A First Nation Perspective (Tracy Antone, Chiefs of Ontario)
An Urban Indigenous/Métis Perspective (Ruby Miller, Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres)
'Patients First' from a Regional Aboriginal Health Circle Perspective:  A Year in Review (Germaine Elliott, Brenda Jackson, Leah Bergstrome, Tina Christman, David Jeffery)
Key Note:  Nuka System of Care & Transformative Change (Dr. Katherine Gottlieb, CEO - Southcentral Foundation)
Breakout Sessions & Discussions - Planning & Partnering for Change, Implementation Issues, Next Steps (Dr. Katherine Gottlieb, Barb Sappah, Esther Cetina - Southcentral Foundation)
MC (John Rice)

* 5. How would you rate the following in reference to the Table Discussions you participated in (either day):

  Excellent Good Fair Average Poor
Content (materials/questions, etc.)
Time Allotted
Discussion (if applicable)

* 6. Will anything you heard at the conference change your approach to or delivery of health care in our region?

* 7. Were you able to utilize any of the Wellness Services provided on both the 28th and 29th?  If no, please proceed to the next question.  If yes, which professional did you see and would you like to provide any feedback about your experience?

* 8. How would you rate the following in reference to the venue (Blue Mountain Inn, Collingwood):

  Excellent Good Fair Average Poor

* 9. Do you have specific suggestions regarding what you would like to see at a future Forum (e.g. topic, guest speaker, format, etc.)?

* 10. Based on your experience at this year's event, will you attend a future Forum?

* 11. Is there anything else you would like to share today that would help us plan future events?

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