Acknowledgement Page

Please read the following and acknowledge your compliance before filling out the application:

- I will submit a letter from your Supervisor, Mayor or Board, along with this application, confirming my municipality’s support of my attendance to the 2017 WMCA Conference.  [I understand that my application is forfeit if a letter is not sent in.]

- I understand that if a scholarship is awarded to me, I must attend the 2017 WMCA Annual Conference on August 23-25, 2017, in Wisconsin Dells and I will attend classes all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

- I also understand that if I am not employed at the same municipality at the time of the 2017 WMCA Conference, I will forfeit the scholarship.

* 1. *I have typed in my Name below to acknowledge that I have read each statement above and acknowledge that if I do not comply, my scholarship will be forfeited.

Please Note:  It is recommended that you make a hotel reservation now, without waiting for the scholarship results. You can always cancel later if you do not win and cannot attend.
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