The Paper Mill Playhouse Broadway Show Choir is an audition-based, exhibition show choir that stems from Paper Mill Playhouse’s award-winning arts education and outreach programs. There is NO COST to participate. Rehearsals take place in Millburn on Sunday evenings from late October through April.  Performances will be on various dates (especially weekends) from March through the end of June 2018. Once you complete this form you will receive an email with specific audition information and your confirmed audition date/time.  Auditions will be scheduled in 30 minute slots.  If you have any questions please email

* 1. Student Information

* 2. Student Date of Birth:

* 3. Will you be between the ages of 15 and 22 as of November 1, 2017:

* 4. Please identify your voice part:

* 5. Preferred Audition Date/Time:

  My FIRST Choice My SECOND Choice My THIRD Choice I CANNOT Attend This Date/Time
Sunday, October 15 
Sunday, October 15  
Tuesday, October 17
Tuesday, October 17
Wednesday, October 18
Wednesday, October 18
I am unable to attend any of the dates/times listed, but I would still like to audition.

* 6. Have you auditioned for or participated in a Paper Mill Playhouse program in the past?

* 7. Please answer the following questions:

  Yes No
I can read music.
I consider myself a dancer.
I have experience singing with a chorus or choir.
I have particpated in a show choir in the past.
I have experience singing a-capella music (singing without instruments)
I can beat box.
I have experience in gymnastics and/or tumbling.
I have been in a production of a musical.
I have taken voice lessons or other vocal training.
I have taken dance lessons or other dance training.

* 8. Please briefly tell us about your performance experience:
(Resumes will be accepted at auditions)

* 9. How did you hear about auditions for the Paper Mill Broadway Show Choir? 
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* 10. Briefly tell is why you would like to participate in the Paper Mill Playhouse Broadway Show Choir:

* 11. There is a select group of singers chosen from the cast of the show choir called "Voices of Paper Mill".  This group specializes in a capella music similar to Pitch Perfect.  The group rehearses on the same day and performs with the show choir.  
Please indicate your interest: