Welcome to the 2017 YHB Medical Salary Survey

Thank You for taking the time to complete the 2017 YHB Medical Salary Survey. Please read through all of the instructions before proceeding with the survey.

1. Be sure to have the following information available:
  1. Name, Address and Contact Information for Practice
  2. Name of Medical and Accounting Software
  3. Information on Employee Benefits Offered
  4. List of Employees that include:
    -Employee Position
    -Employee Status (FT/PT)
    -Number of Years of Experience for the Employee
    -Wage Rate
2. Once you begin the survey you will be able to save your work if you are unable to complete it at that time. You must click the NEXT button at the bottom of the page to save your work. When you re-enter the survey, you will begin where you left off.

3. Because the number of employees varies, each Employee Information page will contain space to enter up to 100 employees. In the event you have additional employees, the survey will direct you on how to enter additional employees.

4. All salary information must be in hourly figures. If you only have annual salary infomation, take that figure and divide it by 2,080 to convert to an hourly figure. Round to nearest two decimal places. (ex. $30,000 annually = 30,000/2,080 = $14.42 hourly)

5. Should you encounter any problems, please contact Julie Carper at 540-662-3417 or julie.carper@yhbcpa.com. We welcome feedback on the survey. Please let us know if there are any improvements you would like to see made.

Please click NEXT to begin the survey
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