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* 1. What is your current or most recent role?

* 2. Enter your organization's size:

* 3. Are you a current or former client of Triangle Performance, LLC?

* 4. Please rank the TOP FIVE leadership challenges you face from those listed below (rank just five), with 1 being the "Most Important."

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Strategy, vision, direction
Talent acquisition/management
Performance management
Pricing and/or marketing positioning
Product or service development
Management/leadership development, performance, & motivation
Employee engagement/productivity
Operating cost management
Employee Retention
Regulatory, safety, environmental, ethics, compliance

* 5. In your words, what are your 2 biggest business or leadership challenges today?

* 6. How do you see your organization's staffing for 2016?

* 7. What other information and/or opinion from this C-Level and senior survey group would be helpful to you (fodder for future surveys)?

* 8. What content and/or information, in general, would be helpful to you (fodder for future newsletters, articles, white papers and research)?

* 9. Other comments and suggestions; PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION if you would like something addressed personally or would like a summary of the survey results sent to you (I have no way of seeing who completes these without this).