The USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism is offering up to five special community engagement grants to 2017 National Fellows. Each grantee will receive a grant of $2,000 to support his or her community engagement efforts, as well as mentoring on engagement strategies over six months. Interested reporters can learn more about the grant program by reading this blog post:

We’ve been piloting these efforts with reporters joining us from all over the country and have seem some exciting results. Past projects include: community collaborative efforts between news outlets and non-profit players in Arizona to get car seats installed correctly among Latino drivers, whose children die disproportionately when accidents occur; a collaboration between a news outlet, a group of black churches, the University of Maryland and young people attending a continuation high school in Baltimore to produce a youth-led community forum and video about the impact of violence on one Baltimore neighborhood; and a childhood obesity prevention series in a West Virginia newspaper that led to the establishment of a non-profit that now gives out $80,000 a year in obesity prevention grants. 

To apply for an engagement grant, please click on the Submit button.