Survey Introduction


A survey regarding the opinions of Muirfield Village residents about various aspects of their community was prepared in 2014, to which approximately 50% of Muirfield residents responded. Based on the results of that survey, the following major actions were taken:

1.      The aging fence surrounding Muirfield Village is being replaced with a new fence. As of early 2017, the project is approximately 50% complete.
2.      Holbrook tennis courts were renovated.
3.      Shade panels were installed at Glick Road and Holbrook swimming pools.
4.      Dog waste bag dispensers and disposal containers were installed.
5.      Grounds staff has performed continual repair of walking paths and has removed over 4,000 dead trees in common areas.
6.      Over 96% of Muirfield mailboxes were refurbished to meet Village standards.
7.      Pool security systems at both pools were updated.
8.      New basketball equipment has been installed and the courts resealed.
9.      Glick Road tennis pavilion was renovated.

Because your opinions matter, please take a few minutes to help guide the future of your community.  Your participation and comments to this anonymous survey are very valuable to the Muirfield Village leadership and will help to determine future activities and amenities.

The following organizations are mentioned in this survey:

Muirfield Association, Inc. (Homeowners Association - HOA): All residential properties in Muirfield Village are automatically members by deed. All properties in good standing have the privilege of using the Muirfield Association amenities, which are funded through the annual assessment.

Grounds & Facilities, Social Activities  and Civic Action are committees that support the HOA and report to the Board of Directors.

Throughout the survey, you will have the option to add comments. Although the comment boxes may appear small, they can handle as many comments as you'd like to add. Adding comments is completely optional.

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