Dear Parent/Guardian,

Lunenburg County Public Schools wants to hear from you!  As a parent, you play a huge role in your child's development, both from an academic perspective and a social/emotional perspective.  In order to make our parental involvement program stronger, please answer the following questions for us.

* 1. What specifically would you like to know about your child's school?

* 2. From what source do you get most of your information about your child's school?

* 3. What manner of communication would you most like the school system to use when we contact you to inform you about events, activities, workshops, etc.?

* 4. If you are interested in parent workshops, please check the following topics that you would like to explore.  If you are not interested in parent workshops, please leave this question blank.

* 5. What needs must be met in order for you to attend parent workshops and programs?

* 6. As a parent, do you have trouble with any of the following items?

* 7. Would you use the Parent Resource Center if it were set up as part of the two public libraries in the county?

* 8. Please read the following information in order to answer this question and question number 9:  The Title 1 Program at your school is a program funded by the federal government.  The program/funding provides financial assistance because of the school's high numbers of children from low-income families.  The funds are used to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards.  It is used to pay for personnel, parent programs, and programs for reading and math.  
How would you rate the content and effectiveness of the Title 1 program in your child's school? ( only one answer)

* 9. List any concerns you have about the content and effectiveness of the Title 1 program at your child's school, and give any ideas you may have for improvement.

* 10. Please enter your contact information below.

* 11. Please enter your child's or children's name(s), grade level, and elementary school they attend.