* 1. Your name:

* 2. Your role in the event:

* 3. Your email address:

* 4. Have you hosted an InOMN event before? 

* 5. Tell us a little more about the location of your event:

* 6. Optional: Please describe your event:

* 7. Total number of facilitators at the event (please enter a number)

* 8. Estimated total number of attendees (please enter a number)

* 9. Which of the following options best describes the location of your event (choose the best response):

* 10. Which of the following describes partners who collaborated with you on the event (choose all that apply):

* 11. Did you or any of your partners use information or resources provided on the InOMN website (observethemoonnight.org)?

* 12. Were any of the following materials shared with your audience? Please check all that apply.

* 14. Did you share any resources (such as NASA websites, handouts, etc). with your visitors that will help them continue to learn about the Moon or Space System science and exploration?

* 15. Did experiencing a recent solar eclipse, such as the August 2017 total solar eclipse in the USA or previous eclipses in other parts of the world, influence your decision to participate in International Observe the Moon Night?

* 16. If your InOMN event was in the U.S., did you reflect on, or highlight, the August 2017 total solar eclipse in some way during your International Observe the Moon Night event?

* 18. Did you have telescopes or binoculars available for observing?

* 19. In which ways were visitors able to see the Moon during your event? (choose all that apply)

* 21. Did you distribute or implement any of the following evaluation materials?

* 22. Rate the quality of materials available to you by the InOMN site for advertising, hosting, and evaluating your event:

  Great Pretty Good Good Inadequate Don't know, didn't use/ was not aware
Materials for advertising your event
Materials for hosting/implementing your event
Materials for evaluating your event

* 23. What did you hope visitors got or took away from the event? (choose all that apply)

* 24. What were your/your organization or institution’s goals for hosting this event? (Choose all that apply.)

* 25. What local resources or connections would make your event more successful next year?

* 26. What resources, materials, or connections would you like from the InOMN leadership team that would make your event more successful next year?

* 27. Did you share pictures or highlights from your event through InOMN social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr)? If not, remember that you still can. Tag your photos with #observethemoon on Twitter, or find links to our Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter pages through http://observethemoonnight.org