About you

At Jean Hailes we value the opinions of our health professional audience and stakeholders.  We would like to hear about your needs and preferences for continuing professional development as well as tools and resources for your practice. This will assist us to shape our future education planning and resource development. 

We invite you to participate in this short questionnaire which will take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Your contribution will help the Jean Hailes team to:
  • ensure our continuing professional development (CPD) content is clinically relevant and practical
  • address the learning needs of our audience
  • provide education that addresses knowledge gaps in women’s health
  • consider your preferred learning delivery methods
  • develop useful tools and resources to support your work
Our aim is to support evidence-based practice by general practitioners and health professionals working with women and their families.

* 1. What is your profession?

* 2. Do you work at one of the Jean Hailes Medical Centres?

* 3. Are you an overseas trained doctor?

* 4. If you are an overseas doctor please tell us the country where you did your training

* 5. What is your workplace? (you can select more than one response)

* 6. In which state/territory do you work?

* 7. What is the geographical location of your workplace?
Click on the link to go to the DoctorConnect.gov.au website to enter your workplace street address to determine your remoteness location. Then choose the corresponding answer below.