Welcome to the 2017 Cover Crop Survey

Thank you for choosing to share your perspective on cover crops.  Whether you plant them now, used to plant them, or never tried... your insight is important to us.

The number of survey questions you will be asked depends on your farm(s), but you can expect the survey to take 5-10 minutes in most cases, or slightly longer for somebody who is growing a wide variety of crops and using cover crops in various ways.

Your opinions will help guide policy, research, and education on cover crops nationwide.  Please take a few minutes and share your thoughts by completing the survey.

The survey is being conducted by the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC), USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program (SARE), and the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA), with help from Penton Media through their Corn and Soybean Digest publication.

Thank you again for your time and for sharing your experience and insight with us.

If you have issues with this survey or questions, please direct them to Chad Watts at the Conservation Technology Information Center at (765) 494-9555 or via email at watts@ctic.org. 

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