1. Introduction and Contact Information

Welcome to the 2017 healthcare Benefits Survey (part of the Employer Benefits Survey).  The following questions are designed to define the healthcare benefits you offer to your employees and strategies you are using to help control plan costs and communicate these benefits with your workforce. Please answer all questions that apply.

* 1. Please enter your Company Code.

IMPORTANT: Your 5-digit alpha-numeric company code is simply the combination of the FIRST letter of your company name (excluding articles) plus the last FOUR digits of your company phone number.

* 2. Please provide your contact information

* 3. Company zip code

* 4. Total number of employees

* 5. Number of full-time employees

* 6. For 2017, is your company subject to the PPACA Employer Mandate to offer coverage (more than 50 Full time or FTE employees)?

* 7. If your company is required to offer coverage in 2017, will you incur any penalties for non-compliance with the law?

* 8. If your company is going to incur a penalty for 2017, is it for

* 9. Industry type

* 10. Are you a member of either the Lancaster Chamber or the Central Penn Business Group on Health?

* 11. In total, how many medical/Rx plans do you offer?

* 12. How many employees are eligible for health benefits?

* 13. How many employees are enrolled in all of these plans?

* 14. If you offer multiple plans, do you use a Defined Contribution Approach (Employer contributes a set dollar amount and employees pick the best plan for them) to providing healthcare benefits?

* 15. If you use a Defined Contribution Approach to providing healthcare benefits, are those benefits provided through:

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