BCCIE Summer Conference 2017 Bursary Application
Summer Conference 2017 will be held at the Delta Grand Okanagan in Kelowna, BC on June 18-21. Our conference theme is Faster, Higher, Stronger: technology, learning and identity. The deadline to submit the bursary application is April 28, 2017.

For more information, please visit: bccie.bc.ca/events/summer-conference/

Applicant Information

Number of years in International Education

Stakeholder Community that best describes you

Professional Stream that best describes you

Reference Information (Please provide a professional reference who can speak to your experience in International Education.)

Goals: What specific professional goals are you hoping to achieve at this year’s Summer Conference?

Please discuss your long-term professional goals in the field of International Education.

Please let us know how a bursary from BCCIE would assist your ability to take part in this year’s Summer Conference.

I agree that the information above is honest and accurate. I understand that if I accept a BCCIE Summer Conference Bursary the registration is non-transferable and that I will attend the full conference myself. If I accept the bursary and fail to attend the conference, I understand that I will be asked to reimburse BCCIE the full cost of a single conference registration.