1. Introduction

Thank you for your interest in completing this survey!

If you complete the survey after the dates listed below that is okay, please send it back to us anyway!

This survey is being conducted by the Maritime Beef Council in cooperation with the Provincial Beef Associations and Perennia as part of a larger overall study project.  The purpose of the overall study project is to gain a better understanding of the management  practices,  economics,  and  disease  rates  on  Maritime  cow-calf  farms  and  determine  how  well  Maritime  producers compete in a global economy. This survey will obtain basic information on production practices, management choices, disease rates, and rate of technology adaptation in the provinces.  

Questions in this survey have been adapted from the Western Canadian Cow-Calf Survey 2014 and Ontario Cow-Calf, 2017 Production Survey. Information about your operation, management and marketing strategies will be  collected  as  they  relate  to  your  2017  calf  crop,  starting  with  breeding  in  2016,  and  ending  with  the  weaning  of  your 2017-born calves. If you don’t have an exact date or number for any of the questions asked, a best-estimate will suffice. If you don’t record any of the information that is asked for in questions, then please note this in the “Other, please specify.” section of the answer.

The last day to participate in this survey is December 31, 2017.

The survey is maximum 79 questions in length and should take approximately 40 minutes to complete. If at any time you do not wish to answer a question, you may leave it unanswered.  Return of your questionnaire by mail or submission of your online survey will indicate your consent to participate in the survey and have your answers summarized in the final report.   

Information is being collected for the purpose of monitoring the productive efficacy and management practices of Maritime cow-calf herds. The results of this survey will be published in aggregate form to protect the identity and information of the survey participants. Individual results will remain under the strictest confidence.

PLEASE ONLY COMPLETE THIS SURVEY ONCE, ONLINE OR VIA MAIL.