1. How many times have you participated in a Walk Wednesday group walk in 2016 ?

2. Does starting the group walk at noon work for your schedule?

3. Would you prefer a time that does not start on the hour? such at 12:15?

4. What is the length of time for the actual walk that works best for your schedule?

5. What are your top two months out of the summer that you would join our group walks?

7. Do you prefer a weekly or monthly walk, if it was offered near your worksite?

8. Are you interested in becoming a walk SMART coordinator for your worksite?

9. Do you prefer group walks or to walk on your own?

10. Do you prefer a different location each week, or the same walk each week?

11. Would your worksite be interested in becoming a program partner to Walk Wednesday for 2017? If so please provide your email so that we can follow up with you.

12. Please tell us how you heard about the Walk Wednesday series, or suggestions to improve the program. (Optional)

13. Do you plan to  participate in Walk Wednesday 2017?