1. Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 2016 Winter Conference.

Before submitting this RFP form, please read the RFP announcement (available on the NOFA website, www.nofavt.org) thoroughly for details regarding the conference, workshop format, and presenter compensation.

During the online submission process, you will be asked to provide the following information: (1) presenter names and contact information; ( 2) short bios (50 words or less) for each presenter; (3) proposed title of your workshop; (4) workshop description (60 – 90 words); (5) format of presentation – and AV needs; and (6) intended audience.

You will not be able to save your application once you have begun, therefore please consider downloading the PDF version of the application before you fill out the online application form. You will not be able to view the information in this RFP once it is submitted, so please be sure to keep a copy of the workshop descriptions and any other information you may need in your own records.

Please remember, you can always contact us with changes or edits - this simply gets the bulk of the questions covered in one document.

Please note: if you are submitting more than one workshop, you'll need to fill out ONE form PER WORKSHOP.

Deadline for submitting proposals is September 20, 2015. Submission of a proposal is not a guarantee of its acceptance.

All proposals will be reviewed by a committee. Notification of your proposal’s status will be provided by October 14, 2015.

If you have any questions about the Winter Conference or the RFP process, please contact:

Rachel Fussell
NOFA-VT Education Coordinator