The Salem State University Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award is given annually to a Salem State student, alumna/us, faculty member, and staff or administrator for their outstanding and significant contributions to the cause of freedom, justice, peace, and equality. This year, for the first time, this award will be extended to one of our alumni that have demonstrated the same level of commitment to these causes.

The recipient’s actions and behaviors in working either on or off campus for the betterment of the community should be in a manner consistent with the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. These contributions can include the areas of education, diversity, race relations, social justice and economic empowerment. Written nominations must explicitly address how the nominee has visibly demonstrated:
• Courage and conviction in valuing differences
• Commitment to “seeing beyond borders” by building inclusions
• Acceptance of challenge and risk in achieving goals for the greater good
• Compassion for humanity

Please fill out the information below to nominate whom you believe deserves this award.
Deadline for nominations is January 8, 2016.

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* 5. Why have you chosen to nominate this individual?

* 6. How does the candidate demonstrate leadership, e.g., consensus, team building, collaboration, in areas of education, diversity, race relations, social justice and economic empowerment?

* 7. Describe the candidate’s community service. Time-frames if available.

* 8. Name and describe awards/honors presented to the candidate: (if applicable)

Any additional attachments you would like to provide about your candidate such as LinkedIn profile, CV/resume, new clips, articles or activities profiles can be emailed to Thank you!