RedRover Responders Long-Distance Team members are trained, active RedRover Responders volunteers who want to be invited to mobilize for far-away deployments when specific conditions warrant the need for additional volunteers. In most deployments, those who have expressed interest in deploying long-distance will not be contacted. The RedRover Responders Long-Distance Team members will be invited only if extenuating circumstances require the mobilization of volunteers outside of the typical recruiting area.

List members will still receive regular deployment invitations to responses within your geographic area.

Volunteers must have signed the most recent code of conduct, have completed IS-100b and otherwise be a volunteer in good standing. Additional requirements to join the RedRover Responders Long-Distance Team include having the abilities to:

  • travel from your home to the shelter site independently;
  • physically handle long workdays in an emergency shelter setting in a variety of weather conditions;
  • keep a positive and "can-do" attitude despite chaotic, stressful and disorganized conditions that often accompany the first day of a deployment;
  • arrive on-site within 48 hours of receiving a deployment invitation.

If you meet the above criteria and would like to consider joining the 2017 RedRover Responders Long-Distance Team, click "next" below to learn more and consider joining.