-All nominations must be submitted no later than Tuesday, October 13, 2015.
-All projects must be located in Newton, Massachusetts.
-All architectural projects must have been completed between September 1, 2013 and August 31, 2015.
-Nominations in all other categories may be in progress or continuing projects.
-Photographs of completed architectural projects are mandatory. "Before" photos are highly encouraged.
-Nominations submitted in previous years that were not selected to receive an award may be revised, expanded, and resubmitted.

-A fully completed nomination form. The form may be printed or submitted electronically. The nomination form cannot be saved online and returned to later. For assistance with this form, please call 617-796-1463.

-Statement of Achievement. We recommend that you write the Statement of Achievement in a word processor and copy and paste it into the online nomination form. The Statement of Achievement should describe in detail: the historical significance of the nominated resource; the elements of the preservation project and the historic preservation accomplishments that make this a deserving project; the project objectives, how they were met, and the materials used. In the case of individuals, the Statement of Achievement should describe in detail the individual's achievements and contributions to historic preservation within Newton.

-Photographs. Please include any available photographs showing the property or project before, during, and after construction. Photographs should highlight the project's preservation achievements. Significant architectural details should be identified with close-up images. Photos should be clear and well-composed and include a description and applicable photo credits. Submitted photos may be used by Historic Newton for publicity purposes. Photos must be submitted by email or by mail.

-List of Contributors. The list should be a comprehensive list of architects, contractors, crafts people, consultants, and other professionals who significantly contributed to the project.

-Letters of Support may be included but are not required.

Historic Newton strongly encourages paperless submissions. Please email any supporting images as JPEGs. Other supplemental materials should be submitted as PDFs. All files should be clearly labeled. Nominators unable to submit materials electronically should mail or fax them to:

Newton Preservation Awards
Historic Newton
527 Washington St
Newton, MA 02458
Fax: 617-552-7228

Email or call 617-796-1463 for assistance or more information.
14% of survey complete.