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Please fill out one form for each Higher Education Project. If more convenient, you may combine multiple projects into one form, taking care to sum up your data and provide descriptions for the multiple projects.

Higher Education projects encompass those activities which benefit either students, faculty, or both. Activities include, but are not limited to, curriculum development, design and implementation of new major and minor areas of study, hands-on activities, conferences, other research related student support (exclusive of fellowships/scholarships), and workshops, as well as the development and dissemination of software, problem sets, videos, publications, and labs.

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* 8. Competitiveness: Describe the competitiveness of this activity including eligibility and selection criteria.

* 9. Evaluation: What NASA or project goals does this address?

* 10. Evaluation: What metrics or measures are documented (captured) through the evaluation process to determine effectiveness of this activity? (For example, pre and post survey assessment of participants' interest in STEM.)

* 11. Location of Project Activity (City, State, Zip Code)

* 12. How many online STEM-based teaching tools** were created or maintained as a result of this activity/project? Please provide a description and whether new or existing.

**An online STEM-based teaching tool is defined as a resource for K-12 and informal educators and higher education faculty that provide support to improve educators' STEM knowledge and/or enhances student interest/proficiency in STEM.

* 13. Does this activity involve participation in an existing NASA-sponsored project? If yes, please list project(s) and describe involvement.