1. Introduction

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Thank you for agreeing to participate in the 2013 Book Industry Environmental Council (BIEC) survey for printers.

The BIEC is a collection of publishers, printers, paper suppliers and other book industry stakeholders with a mission to identify, foster, and communicate best practices to reduce the environmental footprint and increase the sustainability of books. With your help, the BIEC will be able to track selected environmental metrics across three sectors of the book industry (publishers, printers and paper manufacturers) to better help the book industry track and understand its environmental footprint.

The information you enter in this survey will be treated confidentially and anonymously, and all public reporting will be only in the aggregate. For the sake of possible follow up questions, respondents will have the option to provide contact details and will be asked whether an independent party collecting data for the BIEC may contact them. Any respondents choosing not to provide contact information will remain completely anonymous. We will not be collecting any IP addresses or other information that could potentially identify survey participants who wish to remain anonymous.

Providing your contact information will also ensure that you receive a copy of the report that results from these surveys.

If you are interested in seeing how the data in these surveys will be used it may be helpful to view a recent report that was developed with the data from the previous surveys of publishers, printers and paper manufacturers. That report is available here.

We appreciate your time and input.

Thank you.