This survey is intended for BEST teachers, students and mentors that participated in the 2013 competition.

It questions this group about the various aspects of the 2013 game, "Gatekeeper".

Thank you for taking a few minutes to provide us with this valuable feedback.

* 1. What Hub did you participate in?

* 2. How would you rate the 2013 game "Gatekeeper"?

  I Hated It It was OK I Liked It I Loved It Best Ever
Your rating

* 3. Please rate your satisfaction with the following game attributes.

  1 (Poor) 2 3 4 5 (Excellent) No Opinion
Game theme/concept
Game complexity
Educational (I learned something)
Fairness (Fair Play)
Scoring calculations
Point distribution among game pieces
Opportunities to score
Opportunity to win
Exciting to watch
Fun to play

* 4. What did you think of the field complexity?

  Too simple Simple Just right Complex Too complex No Opinion
Field design/layout
Tie-breaker mechanism

* 5. How satisfied were you with the following game materials provided?

  Hated Disliked Liked It Loved It Best Ever No Opinion
Teaser video
Game animation (at kickoff)
Field Drawings
Support Documents (Construction, Electronics, Scoring XLS, FabTool, etc.)
Format of the game rules (easy to find stuff)
Clarity of the game rules (easy to understand)

* 6. Were you satisfied with the online Q&A?

  1 (Poor) 2 3 4 5 (Excellent)
Q&A response time
Q&A answers were clear

* 7. List up to 3 things that you liked MOST about this game?

* 8. List up to 3 things that you liked LEAST about this game?

* 9. Rate the importance of the following for future games:

  1 (Not Important) 2 3 4 5 (Very Important) I Don't Know
Teaser video
Game animation
SolidWorks field models
SolidWorks eDrawings field model
Field construction tips
Field setup document
Field bill of materials (with sources)
Scores for a match shown as they occur (real-time scoring)
Mobile access to scoreboard
Industry/Educational theme tie-in

* 10. Provide any other comments regarding game here: