* 1. Which of the following categories best described your motivation for attending webinar?

* 2. Overall, how would you rate the November 8th SSRC Eurasia Fellowships Application Program Webinar?

  Very Poor Average Excellent
Overall Quality

* 3. Please rank the discussions of the specific application components in terms of helpfulness.

  Not At All Helpful Average Extremely Helpful
Requirements for individual fellowships
Developing a clear application essay
Conveying policy relevance
Using the online application system
Understanding the selection process

* 4. Note the response that best reflects your level of agreement with the following statements after your participation in the webinar:

  Strongly Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree N/A
My understanding of the Title VIII program goals has improved.
I feel more familiar with the SSRC application.
My understanding of "policy relevance" has improved.
I am more familiar with the selection process.
I am more likely to submit a Eurasia Program fellowship application.

* 5. Please give your assessment of the question and answer section of the webinar.

  Strongly Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree
I found it easy to submit questions.
The questions posed were answered clearly.
Questions helped to clarify the application guidelines and FAQs posted on the web.
The issues raised in Q/A increased the usefulness of the webinar.

* 6. What is your primary academic discipline?

* 7. Which of the following countries are central to your current research interests? (more than one response is allowed)

* 8. Which of the following themes are central to your current research? (more than one response is allowed)

* 9. Your input is valuable and can help us improve our programming. Do you have any suggestions or comments concerning this specific webinar?

* 10. The SSRC Eurasia Program seeks to chart new directions for scholarship on and within this critical world region. Our traditional programming activities include thematic dissertation workshops, training workshops for field development, and fellowships. If you have any suggestions for specific activities or areas of research to highlight in future Eurasia Program activities, share your recommendations here.