Please review the below proposal instructions and complete the following Submission Form.

The conference committee at MT DPHHS invites you to submit a presentation proposal for the seventh annual Great Beginnings, Great Families Conference. The conference will be held on August 13th & 14th, 2019 at the Marriot Delta Colonial Hotel in Helena, Montana. There will be approximately 250 to 300 attendees. The submission deadline is May 10th. An email will be sent by May 24th, notifying you of your proposal acceptance.
To improve health outcomes and family support systems by increasing the efficacy of maternal, early childhood and youth programs and professionals in Montana.
Connect programs, providers, and partners in early childhood, maternal, child and adolescent health (MCAH) systems ● Promote sustainability of MCAH and early childhood programs ● Provide professional development opportunities to support MCAH and early childhood workforce development and retention through attainment of knowledge, skills and strategies and idea sharing ● Enhance the strengths-based services for families to promote effective family and provider relationships ● Promote the social, emotional, mental, nutritional, economic, and cultural health of Montana communities ● Improve the health of Montana’s families by encouraging the promotion of preventative and comprehensive care

“Family Wellness”
- trauma informed care; ACEs; Infant/early childhood mental health; meeting families where they are; Safe Sleep; connecting families to resources; family engagement

“Reproductive and Adolescent Health” - healthy dating and friendships in adolescents, delaying sexual activity, preventing bullying, consent, human trafficking, contraceptive use, STDs, resources for young parents, fatherhood engagement

“Nutrition/Breastfeeding” - hot topics in nutrition (i.e. fad diets vs. evidence based nutrition guidelines, gut microbiome, childhood obesity); basic nutrition for lifecycle (pregnancy, post-partum/breastfeeding, infant and toddler); Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) update; feeding challenges (i.e. picky eating, division of responsibility)

“Quality Improvement & Leadership” - leadership styles; continuous quality improvement; presentations of projects; clinic efficiency; reflective supervision; implementation science (way of evaluating and assessing your model and fidelity/replication); customer service; program collaboration & coordination
Presentation proposals must indicate what the format of the presentation will be, specifically, if the proposal is for a panel, sole presenter or group presenters.
Parent Educators ● Family Support Specialists ● Parent Liaisons ● Parent Advocates ● Home Visitors ● Public Health Nurses ● Registered Dietitians ● Early Childhood Providers and Educators ● Head Start Program Staff ● Social Workers and Professional Counselors ● WIC management, clinical and/or support staff ● Health Care Providers (MD, PA, NP, IBCLC, RN, LPN) ● Students ● Other service providers working with families, young children or women of reproductive age
Presenters will be notified of their acceptance by May 24th. Presenters must be committed to present on the date and time assigned. Reasonable requests/accommodations will be considered. Conference fee will be waived, and lunch will be provided for all presenters. Lodging/travel and per diem may be provided for presenters at the discretion of the GBGF Planning Committee.
Conference attendees will receive a USB Drive containing all conference handouts, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Presenter materials must be emailed to the Conference Coordinator, Michelle Eckert by Friday August 2nd. Materials will be converted into PDF files, so the content cannot be changed. Hard copy handouts for attendees are the responsibility of the speaker (anticipated session sizes will be emailed to presenters prior to the conference).
Laptops, projectors & screens will be provided in each of the breakout sessions. Presenters must notify the GBGF Planning Committee of any special technology needs or requests.
If your agency/organization collects a speaker fee, please indicate this on the proposal form. Speaker fees must be invoiced with a W-9 within 30 days of the 2019 conference.
The Great Beginnings Great Families Conference is proud to offer a variety of continuing education hours and units for attendees. On the 2019 GBGF Proposal Submission Form, please indicate if your sessions will qualify for any of the continuing education hours listed. If you are unsure of which continuing education hours your session will or may qualify for, please mark the “I am unsure” box in this section. For MNA Nursing Contact Hours: Presentations must have current supporting references or resources (within past 5-7 years).