Call for Board of Directors Candidates

The Association of Independent School Admission Professionals’ (AISAP) Governance Committee calls for candidates to fill positions on the AISAP Board of Directors for terms beginning July 1.  All candidate application materials must be received by the Governance Committee of AISAP prior to the start of the interview process. 

Application and Selection Process

The Governance Committee is charged with developing a slate of qualified nominees to present to the Board.

·         Candidate application profile materials must be completed online.

·         The Governance Committee will meet in person or via conference call to select a slate of nominees and will solicit the support of the full board on their candidacy. If approved, the Governance Committee will notify candidates shortly thereafter and invite them to join the Board at its first meeting for that academic year.

In executing its responsibility to properly review candidate qualifications, the Governance Committee will consider all information received about the candidates and may at its discretion, contact candidates and candidate references for additional information.

If you have any questions, please email Karen Fisher, Governance Chair at