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This evaluation is for COMPAS Teaching Artists to complete after bookings.

If you're having trouble submitting the evaluation, please save it as a PDF or wordfile and send it via e-mail to Julie@compas.org. A word file is also available on the COMPAS Roster Artist page http://www.compas.org/rosterartist.

The purpose of this evaluation is to:
- Obtain required data for funders
- Gather program process and feedback – what happened, how did it go?
- Encourage self-reflection as a means of personal evaluation and assessment
- Help us gather info to build toward a COMPAS Art Program Framework

Thanks so much for being an integral part of COMPAS!

* 1. Basic information about the booking.
(for numbers, respond to the best of your ability)

* 2. Please identify what type of booking this was. Mark the type of activity and the program

* 3. What COMPAS program was this activity through?

* 4. Please provide a narrative of your experience with this booking. What did you do? If you provided training for staff/teachers, what did you do and how did it go?

* 5. To the best of your ability, (using percentages), please identify the race/ethnicity of your school or program participants. *Your total should be 100. No decimals. No percentage signs. This is information our funders always request.

* 6. What if any modifications did you make in your program to meet community needs or goals?

* 7. Please rate the following based on COMPAS administration.

  Excellent Good Needs improvement N/A
Communication with staff about the booking and its expectations.
Communication with the site about the booking and its expectations.
Timeliness and clarity of the schedule.
Billing and payment process.

* 8. Self-assessment. Please rate yourself on the following. I...

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Was on time.
Made sure my lessons aligned with the site's expectations.
Was organized, consistent and had a clear agenda.
Paced the program/class/residency well.
Checked in with the teacher/leader to make sure everyone was on the same page.

* 9. Ideally, you used or considered best practices with your approach. These allow participants to Experience, Understand, Create and Connect with the art form.  During your time with the participants, they were able to....

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Experienced the artform themselves
Demonstrated an understanding of the art through art making or another activity
Created/produced art with the artist
Developed context to connect the art to their own lives, experiences and/or academics
Connect the art form to their own lives or academics
Reflect on their work or your performance.

* 10. Please select words that describe the building blocks of your program. If none apply, please select other and add some on the text box below.


* 11. Please use this space to provide stories or feedback about this booking. What difference
did this program make? Did you note changes in behavior/attitude/knowledge from participants?

If you are having trouble submitting the evaluation, please save it as a PDF and send it via e-mail to Julie at julie@compas.org.

Thank you!