Let’s create 11 Days for Peace, September 21 – October 1, 2018

Coordinated by Nonviolent Carbondale, our community has carried out six 11 Days initiatives around themes of peace, compassion and social justice. Each time, dozens of organizations hosted numerous programs and exhibits over the course of 11 Days with a shared focus and a published schedule.

Beginning with the International Day of Peace, this year’s 11 Days for Peace will focus on empathy, humanity, and peace. Empathy gives us the ability to place ourselves in one another’s shoes. Humanity unites us all, and rises above politics. Peace begins with the welcoming of all individuals, and the protection of human rights as defined in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our target audience is all-inclusive, multi-cultural, and multi-generational. Programs may be group dialogues, films, art activities, exhibits, or your own creative idea.