Survey respondent,

RESCON, ORCCA, OHBA, OGCA, ORBA, TARBA, HCAT, and OSWCA are jointly launching this survey as part of their COVID response plan. We need good information to make good decisions.

This survey is completely anonymous as we are simply interested in collecting aggregate data to understand vaccination rates within the construction industry better.

This will help all associations, members, and the broader construction industry improve workplace policies and keep workers safe.

If you have already gotten vaccinated ….. THANK YOU!

If you haven’t gotten vaccinated, please get vaccinated. It is the best way to keep the people we all care about safe.

Also, please consider sharing this survey with co-workers and others within the construction industry.

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* 1. What sector of construction do you work in or represent (Select all that apply)

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* 2. Do you work mostly in the office or on-site?

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* 3. Does your workplace have a vaccination policy?

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* 4. Are you vaccinated?

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