Please provide your feedback to inform and support our CBLCA submission to Planning Committee about the proposed development at 100 Bayshore Drive.  You can review the summary of the community’s concerns about this development.

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* 1. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements regarding the proposed development at 100 Bayshore Drive:

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Tower heights of 27 and 30 stories, which are 2-3 times the current zoning height, is too tall and will have negative impacts on the surrounding community.
A significant population increase will have negative impacts on Andrew Haydon Park – environmental impacts and quality of the experience.
This development will have negative environmental impacts on Graham Creek, notably increased flooding and erosion.
Approval of this development needs to be considered within a broader community planning context – to ensure adequate greenspace, stormwater management, and infrastructure. 

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* 2. Indicate your position about the current development proposal for 100 Bayshore Drive. 

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