Saturday 04/21/2018

April 21, 2018
from 8:00 AM -12:30 PM
Gathering at:
South Harborcreek United Methodist Church
7929 McGill Road
Harborcreek, PA 16421

Coffee & childcare will be provided.

Please note: Childcare for children under 7 is by preregistration only by answering question #3 below.

If you would like to work with someone else or as a group, you must sign up on 1 form. We have no other way of grouping people, other than by church designation.
Transportation: We carpool to the sites. Maps and directions are provided. 
Questions with an * are required. 

* 1. Your Information (email must be provided). If you are signing up a group of more than 8, click here to complete the Large Group Registration Form. Please fill out the form, save it, and e-mail the attachment to Bridget Harmon (

* 2. If applicable, select group you are affiliated with.

* 3. I will need childcare for children ages:

* 4. What special skills do you have that you would like to use on Saturday?

* 5. Do you have a pickup truck that you would be willing to use for this event?

* 6. I will be serving as an individual

It's important for us to have as much information about your group members (ages 7 and over) as possible so we can place your group at an appropriate site. Please complete the following information on each group member (including children over 6).

* 7. Group Member 2

* 8. What special skills does Group Member 2 have to use on Saturday?

* 9. Group Member 3

* 10. Group Member 4

* 11. Group Member 5

* 12. Group Member 6

* 13. Group Member 7

* 14. Group Member 8