Easily manage surveys in multiple languages.

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Pencils down! Score every quiz automatically.

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Facebook Messenger

Make your survey into a conversation on Messenger.

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Easily manage surveys in multiple languages.

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Add context to your survey results.

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  • Ask more relevant questions

    Build great surveys for even better results.

    Send recurring surveys

    Set up and schedule all your surveys for the year, in a day. Now when you send a web link of your survey, it’s easy to schedule it to send again in the future.

    Benchmark your results

    Make your survey results even more meaningful. SurveyMonkey Benchmarks can tell you how your data compares to your competitors.

    Your personal survey expert

    Combining nearly 20 years of survey science and our in-house expertise, SurveyMonkey Genius instantly estimates how your survey will perform, making it faster and easier to complete.

    A new survey-taking experience

    Make survey-taking a breeze with faster surveys that feel more like conversations. Fewer steps and auto-scrolling save your respondents time, so they’re more likely to get through your surveys, one question at a time.

  • Know more about your audience

    Amplify your reach. Increase your engagement.

    Make any survey a quiz

    Test anyone’s knowledge on any subject. Use new functionality to make better quizzes for corporate training, compliance, customer engagement, student testing, and more.

    One survey, multiple languages

    Got surveys in multiple languages? You provide the translations, survey takers select the language of their choice, and we make it easy to analyze all your responses in one place.

    Send surveys in Facebook Messenger

    Use our new survey collector to ask questions and get instant feedback directly in Messenger.

    Survey our global panel

    Get real-time feedback from millions of people around the world. Run your own market research in minutes with SurveyMonkey Audience.

  • Do more with your team

    Work better and faster, together.

    Share response alerts

    Keep everyone up to date, without doing extra work. Automatically send daily email updates to anyone (or everyone) on your team whenever your survey starts picking up responses.

    Microsoft Teams integration

    Now Microsoft users can send polls, get notifications, and collaborate on surveys—all from within Microsoft Teams.

    Collaborate at scale with workgroups

    Now it’s easier for large teams to work on surveys together. SurveyMonkey Enterprise users can create workgroups to manage permissions, roles, and access levels within their organization.

    Seamless collaboration

    By sharing surveys and resources, your team can move faster to deliver mission-critical objectives. Quickly get feedback and edits from others, working together to deploy surveys and analyze results.

Tools and features designed to power your curiosity.

Successful thought leaders know that it takes data and curiosity to spark innovation. SurveyMonkey empowers these curious leaders to change the business landscape as we know it. Watch the video and see how the new SurveyMonkey experience can help you drive your business forward.